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Are Cercon porcelain teeth good? Cercon porcelain teeth are highly appreciated in terms of aesthetics and quality, so should you cover your teeth with them? This question has always been asked by many people intending to perform cosmetic dentistry. To find out the answer, look into the article below.

1. The concept of Cercon porcelain teeth

Cercon porcelain teeth are manufactured using CAD/CAM technology to achieve exceptional durability as well as absolute precision. With the ribs cast by Zirconia, it is extremely solid; the aesthetic value is much higher than that of conventional metal porcelain teeth. For example, your teeth are not discolored, the color of the gum line is not darkened,...


There are 2 types of Cercon porcelain teeth for customers to choose from Cercon HT and Cercon Zirconia. In general, both types of teeth meet the normal requirements for eating and shaping teeth functions. Dentists will take into account your dental condition and aesthetic view before advising the right tooth model. Cercon porcelain teeth have the advantage of overcoming the drawbacks of teeth, such as missing, crooked but un-brace-able, decayed, or chipped teeth,...

2. Are Cercon porcelain teeth good?

Are Cercon porcelain teeth good? Compared to teeth made from traditional metals, all porcelain teeth have many outstanding advantages, such as follows:

Cercon porcelain teeth have higher aesthetics values

Cercon porcelain teeth have the same color and brightness as real teeth, in addition to no reflections. Therefore, when illuminated, Cercon porcelain teeth look exactly like real teeth and are difficult to recognize, if at all.

Cercon porcelain teeth do not darken the gum line

Cercon all-porcelain teeth, after a period of use, do not oxidize the ribs, thus avoiding the issue of darkening gum lines often seen in other conventional metal porcelain teeth.

Cercon porcelain teeth have exceptional safety and durability

This type of tooth is considered by dentists to be very safe and compatible with soft tissues as it doesn’t trigger any reaction to the gums and soft tissue. When you eat, Cercon porcelain teeth don’t cause discoloration, which leads to yellow teeth, and are highly resistant to adhesion. If you know how to take good care of them, Cercon porcelain teeth have excellent longevity of 15-20 years.


Cercon porcelain teeth help ensure chewing function

Cercon porcelain teeth have a relatively high bearing strength because the ribs and the outer covering are made of porcelain. So you can comfortably eat and drink without worrying about it being broken or worn.

Cercon porcelain teeth have absolute precision

Manufactured on CAD / CAM technology, absolute precision is ensured for each Cercon porcelain teeth customer. Once the teeth are wrapped tightly and closely to the gum line, it is hard to recognize that they are porcelain teeth as the aesthetics and naturalness of the teeth are delivered completely.

With these outstanding advantages, it is possible to affirm that Cercon porcelain teeth have high aesthetics and good quality. If you are wondering which type of porcelain teeth to choose, the Cercon Porcelain Teeth is the perfect suggestion.

3. When should you try porcelain teeth?

In general, Cercon porcelain teeth are suitable for all cases with the need of enameling, especially in cases of:

  • Crooked or broken molars or incisors;
  • Stained teeth and whitening proves to be ineffective;
  • Tooth decay being unrestorable;
  • Crowned, wide, coral, or deviated teeth;
  • Lack of or missing teeth.

4. Chingo Dental - A prestigious address for Cercon porcelain teeth

Cercon all-porcelain teeth are suitable for many different circumstances, and the important thing is to remember when choosing a reliable dental address. Only in that way can ensure the aesthetic value and quality you are given. It is not difficult for you to find an aesthetic dental center that provides Cercon porcelain services.

Chingo Dental Clinic is known as one of the most reliable porcelain teeth services in Vietnam with the following advantages:

  • Cercon porcelain teeth are genuine products that have clear origins;
  • Modern facilities, imported directly from developed countries in Europe, for the implementation of porcelain teeth;
  • The treatment room is sterile, which helps avoid cross-contamination to ensure safety for customers;
  • A dedicated and attentive customer care team;
  • An experienced and expert team of dentists;
  • Long-term warranty policy

And of course, you should carefully choose a truly prestigious dental address to implement porcelain teeth to avoid possible unfortunate cases such as periodontitis, gingivitis, broken porcelain teeth,... which may happen due to the qualifications of the doctor or the quality of the porcelain teeth.

Are Cercon porcelain teeth good? With the information that we provide above, you must have found yourself the answer. If you have any questions, please contact Chingo Dental Clinic.


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