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periodontal disease

Periodontal disease occurs in everybody but mainly the adult group still accounts for the majority. Periodontitis is the foremost disease in the list of the most dangerous oral conditions today.

1. What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is the result of an infection that causes inflammation and bone around the teeth according to many analysts. In the first stage, the gums can be swollen and bleed. With this condition, if you allow it to grow rapidly into periodontitis, then the gums will be peeled off, even loss of teeth.

What Is Periodontal Disease
What Is Periodontal Disease

2. So what’s the warning sign?

Normally, the healthy gums are pink and firm, if the gum suddenly becomes swollen, sometimes bleeding and soft, you are likely to have periodontal disease. In addition, the patient may be able to face some erratic behavior:

What's The Warning Sign Of Periodontal Disease
What's The Warning Sign Of Periodontal Disease

If you meet one of the unusual signs such as on the teeth and gums, then contact the dentist for a timely visit.

3. Causes for periodontitis

The condition of bacteria that accumulates over the teeth into dental plaque, also known as calculus, is the main cause of periodontitis. Over time, teeth will develop along the edge of the gum line that makes oral hygiene difficult, enabling bacteria to grow and hold on to teeth. So if you don’t get rid of these plaques, you’re going to have gum disease and it’s going to become periodontitis.

4. Some factors increase the risk of periodontitis

Periodontal disease progresses from the formation of plaque on the teeth, but sometimes it can develop from some of the factors as follows:

Due to the female hormones changing

During pregnancy, puberty, menopause, hormone levels change, inadvertently increasing the risk of developing periodontal disease.

Due to the habit of regular cigarettes

Smoking often not only contributes to the cause of oral and gum problems but also reduces treatment. Ninety-nine percent of people have the habit of smoking cigarettes.

Due to diabetes

Also, according to dental therapists, people with diabetes may be at risk of gum disease or periodontitis that is higher than others.


The condition of gum infection happens in people who experience health problems that cause their immune system to decline.

The Cancer

The emergence of mutations, treatments in cancer, such as radiation therapy, is potentially more likely to increase the risk of periodontitis.


In fact, in some cases, gum disease can relate to genetic factors.

Because of the side effects of certain medications

In many cases, some of the drugs that we mentioned below could have side effects, and the main cause of the risk of gum disease, including:

5. Answer the question, is periodontal disease dangerous?

Prolonged periodontal disease does not only affecting negatively on one’s health but also making some pathologies worsen or more critical, including:

6. Learn some of the treatments that are being used today

Depending on the level of periodontal disease that contracts many different treatments for the patient to choose, specifically:


Administering medical treatment without surgery

In cases of periodontitis that have not yet caused serious health problems, the patients can perform the non blood treatment as follows:

Use invasive procedures method

If the periodontal disease is rapidly expanding, surgery will be the final solution for your choice.
Here are some types of surgical treatment:

With all the helpful sharing above, we hope to help you get a clear understanding of periodontal disease. If you need any consultation or have any questions regarding this disease, please contact Chingo Dental for specific answers.

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