Emax porcelain teeth and interesting facts

emax porcelain

Emax porcelain teeth are non-metallic porcelain teeth that bring high aesthetic value as well as safety for you. That is why this type of porcelain tooth is considered one of the best today. In today's article, join us in finding out details related to this line of porcelain teeth.

1. A primer on Emax porcelain teeth

Emax porcelain teeth are researched and developed by Sirona - the world’s No. 1 dental corporation. Sirona specializes in supplying porcelain dental materials, developing modern equipment and machines to best support modern dentistry. It can be said that the research and development of Emax porcelain teeth play an important role in the development of porcelain teeth, contributing to the overcome of all the disadvantages that traditional metal porcelain teeth have.


Also, according to leading experts in the dental field, Emax porcelain teeth bring excellent aesthetics and ensure customers’ ability to consume food and drink, just like real teeth. Emax porcelain teeth, with their 100% structure from porcelain - from the frame to the outer surface – are made from high-quality Emax porcelain.

2. Types of Emax porcelain teeth

Emax porcelain teeth used in orthodontics include two types: Emax Press and Emax Zic.

Emax Press porcelain teeth

Emax Press porcelain teeth have a strength level 4 times higher than that of real teeth, with a frame made of Lithium Disilicate glass and heated at more than 1600 degrees C, contributing to its hardness and high bearing capacity compared to natural teeth. Also, this type of porcelain tooth is manufactured on the world's leading CEREC technology line to ensure outstanding features, so it completely meets the requirements in porcelain dental restorations.

Emax Zic porcelain teeth

Emax Zic porcelain teeth are also made from glass porcelain with a frame made of zirconium oxide material with firm hardness, while the coating is made of bright white Emax porcelain and the same color as the real teeth. Dentists often choose Emax Zic porcelain teeth because of their super-thin properties, natural colors, giving customers excellent cosmetic dental restorations.

3. Should you choose Emax porcelain dental restorations?

Rated as a line of benign non-metallic porcelain teeth, with high aesthetics, Emax has always been the first choice of many customers, due to the following outstanding advantages:

Emax porcelain teeth have high strength and durability

Emax porcelain teeth are manufactured using modern technology and materials, having 4 times the strength of real teeth. Moreover, Emax porcelain teeth are heated at temperatures above 1350 degrees C so they have good stiffness resistance and shatter resistance, so there is no need to worry about cracked, broken, or falling porcelain teeth.

Emax porcelain teeth have a naturally bright white color

Emax porcelain teeth are composed of 5 layers of Lithium Disilicate porcelain to help teeth have good luminosity and natural opacity like real teeth. That is why you do not have to worry about being found covering your teeth with porcelain teeth. Unlike metal porcelain teeth, Emax porcelain teeth do not darken the rim of the gums.


Emax porcelain teeth are benign to the body

Due to being made from 100% pure dental porcelain, Emax teeth are safe for the human body and don’t irritate the oral cavity. So you can rest assured that Emax porcelain teeth are completely safe for you.

Emax porcelain teeth have a long service life

Under the best conditions of care, Emax porcelain teeth can be maintained for 15-20 years. As this type of porcelain tooth is made of high-quality porcelain material, it is not contaminated or oxidized like other metal teeth.

Emax porcelain teeth prevent and limit dental diseases

Emax porcelain teeth are designed to help fit and snugly on crowns, so there is no gap in the teeth. Hence, food won’t stick on the teeth. And if proper oral hygiene is seen to it regularly, bacteria will not have a chance to grow. Doing so will prevent oral diseases related to teeth, thereby helping you to have beautiful teeth.

4. When is the restoration of Emax porcelain teeth necessary?

The following are indications for those who might need Emax porcelain teeth:

  • Where teeth are heavily stained and cannot be bleached
  • In case of damaged, dead teeth
  • Where the teeth are open or have a gap
  • In case of chewing teeth, teeth erupting
  • Where the teeth have an abnormal structure

5. Instructions on how to take care of teeth after Emax porcelain teeth restoration

To ensure the longevity of Emax porcelain teeth, in addition to dental technical factors, after the Emax porcelain teeth restoration, daily oral care is also very important. Here are the issues that you need to be aware of:

  • The week after restoring porcelain teeth, you will find that the teeth are more sensitive, so you should pay attention and choose soft or liquid foods. Do not eat foods that are too cold, too hot, hard, or too chewy.
  • You should be able to eat and drink normally a week after your teeth are settled, but too hard foods should be avoided. Do not use your teeth to open the bottle cap.
  • Choose a soft bristle brush and brush your teeth twice a day to remove food plaque left on your teeth. Change brush every 3-6 months to ensure a better effect.
  • Do not use a toothpick to floss teeth. Instead, use flossing, mouthwash to kill bacteria and prevent dental diseases.
  • Periodically 3-6 months dental visit to be checked for oral status and timely handling by a dentist.
  • Add vegetables and fruits to the daily menu to provide fiber, calcium, vitamins to help make teeth and gums stronger.

Above is the basic information about Emax porcelain teeth for those who are planning to restore using porcelain teeth. To be able to choose the type of porcelain teeth that is suitable for your oral condition, please contact Chingo International Dental Clinic immediately for a team of specialists to advise you wholeheartedly.

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