Answer to the question: Does taking out tooth No 8 have any effect?

taking out tooth no 8

In dentistry, if tooth No 8 is misaligned, grown underneath, or misplaced, deformed is often extracted. Even though this is a simple minor surgery, if it is conducted in a poor-quality dental clinic it can still affect that patient more or less. So does taking out tooth No 8 have any effect? Let’s find out with the article below.

1. Why is taking out tooth No 8 needed?

Tooth No 8, also known as wisdom teeth, are the last teeth to grow in the jaw in adulthood (18-25 years old). Because it is a posterior tooth, there isn’t enough space for it. Therefore, most tooth No 8 will emerge, grow misaligned or grow underneath the jawbone,…

Tooth No 8, also known as wisdom teeth
Tooth No 8, also known as wisdom teeth

And when this tooth grows, it will cause pain and fatigue to one affecting health and may cause other complications such as tooth decay, gingivitis, affecting tooth No.7… Therefore, taking out tooth no 8 is a necessary thing recommended by doctors.

2. So does taking out tooth no 8 have any effect?

According to dentists at Chingo Dental, taking teeth out can cause a few complications, usually, the extraction of the lower molars is more complicated and easy to cause complications. Some of the effects of wisdom tooth extraction can be mentioned.

Causing an alveoli sepsis.

Alveoli sepsis is a common casualty due to this tooth’s position containing many blood vessels. And a hypersensitivity reaction to infection, which is a dangerous area when an infection occurs. Normally, if you extract a tooth in a sterile condition, it is easy to get an infection that causes a widespread painful swelling reaction. And it will be more dangerous, the infection can spread into the blood causing sepsis, and death.

Injury to tooth No.7.

The case of the 7th damaged tooth usually occurs when the lower 8th tooth grows sideways; therefore, it is inserted into the 7th tooth. The cause comes from the extraction of the lower molars by traditional methods, and the doctor does not have expertise, skill, and inexperience. The consequence is using rough force can easily cause damage to the 7th tooth

Injury to tooth No.7.
Injury to tooth No.7.

The remaining root causes infection and pain.

In some poor-quality dental facilities, which use the traditional method of wisdom tooth extraction, the force of extraction leads to the fracture of the lower jaw bone or the hole of the upper jaw bone. This leads to swelling, pain, and bleeding after the extraction.

Perforation of the maxillary sinus.

Perhaps, the perforation of the maxillary sinus is the serious side effect after extracting the upper molar, because the maxillary sinus has a hollow structure and is located close to the 6th, 7th and 8th roots teeth, away from the thin bone plate. Therefore, In the case of violent tooth extraction, it can break the bone plate, causing extremely dangerous sinus-mouth. To avoid this complication, it is necessary to take x-rays and choose the appropriate method.


Anaphylactic shock often happens while pulling out the tooth and may threaten the life if it is not given first aid in time. This complication is very rare because a very strict watch at dental facilities will remove this risk.

Morphine poisoning.

While collecting wisdom teeth, it is the most widely used medicine that most of them are safe but also require technicians to use the right dosage.
In addition to the events described above, pulling off the teeth can also lead to some unpredictable casualties that are known as bleeding, blood pressure,…..

Injury to the lower tooth nerve.

The lower dental nerves generate the feeling of half the teeth, the lower jaw, and the lower lip. And right at the tooth tube in the lower jaw bone, which is from 2 to 3 millimeters, very close to the bottom tooth no 8 of the lower jaw. In some special cases, the nerves of lower teeth are attached to the root of the lower jaw wisdom teeth.
So if the doctor’s tooth extraction has too much pressure or the tooth tube at the bottom of the teeth, the doctor doesn’t detect any damage to the lower nerves. This will numb the lip, and the feeling of the lip will be disturbed after pulling off the teeth. And this is a dangerous complication and a storage area that can be overcome after grinding the teeth.

3. Chingo Dental – Safe place to taking out tooth no 8, no worries about complications

To extract tooth no 8 safely, without pain or complications, you must find a prestigious and high-guaranteed place. The skill of a doctor is what matters in taking out wisdom teeth, and also modern dental equipment ensures sterility. Chingo Dental clinic fully meets the above criteria and is the necessary place for you.

Chingo Dental has all the following factors:

Chingo Dental - Safe place to taking out teeth no.8
Chingo Dental - Safe place to taking out teeth no.8

Above are specific details explaining problems regarding tooth no 8 extraction. Hopefully, these will be useful shares that can help those interested in wisdom teeth removal. To help you understand more about the wisdom tooth extraction method, please contact Chingo Dental for specific advice.

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