Dental Braces: When should you get braces?

When Should You Get Braces

The ideal time to get dental braces is when the baby tooth is slowly being replaced by a permanent tooth. At this time, the teeth will be adjusted to the correct position on the jaw most effectively.

1 - What are Braces?

Braces are a method of using a set of orthodontic devices such as bowstring braces, elastic, hook, or transparent trays... creating an arc around the teeth to pull and adjust orthodontic to the standard position. These are the most popular braces methods in the world.
With this method, customers will completely overcome problematic conditions, including crooked teeth, chubby teeth, thin, gaping, cross-bit joints,…

2 - The sooner the braces, the better?

If treated too soon, the jaw bone has not developed stably, the jawbone may be small, which means not enough space to arrange teeth. The right time for braces is the developing stage of facial bones, at this time the orthodontic will be more effective and accurate.


While treating crooked teeth and the like, the most important thing to remember is the right time and choosing the right braces method. Depending on each oral development status as well as the appropriate age that the doctor will make the most effective braces.

For cases where the permanent teeth have grown steadily and the facial skeleton has been developed completely, you can still brace. Once the teeth are stable, the doctor can still easily see the dental problems and help you fix them in the best way.

3 - When is the ideal time to get braces?

The ideal time for braces is between 12-16 years old

At this time, the permanent teeth have been steadily developed on the jaw and the oral condition is visible. If you find your teeth to be chewy, plump, or misaligned, you should go to the dentist so that they can have the appropriate treatment to help you have the best teeth.


Currently, modern orthodontic methods can help you overcome the defects of teeth regardless of age. Therefore, you do not need to worry or hesitate when deciding to implement braces.

4 - Where is the best address for braces today?

Chingo Dental is a parents-trusted dental health care site. The new generation of braces package that Chingo Dental brings to customers with many outstanding advantages:

  • Solid metal braces, whose placing time is shortened compared to other types of braces.
  • Treatment with metal braces is not too complicated like some types such as tongue braces or porcelain braces plus cost-saving treatment are the outstanding advantages of this type of braces.
  • The braces are easy to replace when it slips off, so won't hurt the child's lips and cheeks.

5 - How long do braces take place?

Usually, braces should last 1-3 years, and even longer depending on the condition of each client. To know exactly how long braces last, you should go to the dentist for the most effective orthodontic route.

With the dedication and passion for the profession of a team of dentists, Chingo Dental always brings customers the best service quality. Along with that is the support from modern equipment, luxurious and luxurious dental space, creating comfort and relaxation when customers experience our services.


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