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Dental Implant Advantage

Denture implantation is a method to help the patient regain the ability to eat good chewing thanks to the Implant pillars placed in the jaw bone to replace lost teeth. Thus, if the person has completely lost their teeth, they can still eat normally. Here are some things that you must keep in mind when attempting this prosthesis.

1. What is an Implant?

An implant denture is evaluated as a modern dental method, using the implant placed in the jawbone to replace a certain tooth. And when the Implant is placed in the missing tooth area, the bone immediately clings to the Implant's body to help stick to the jaw bone like a real tooth. This implant pillar is designed to support the upper porcelain teeth and for a bridge or to fix the denture to the jawbone.


2. Should you implant?

According to experts in the dental field, if you have financial means and good health, you should choose an implant to help restore lost teeth. Compared to the porcelain implant method, which still has many shortcomings, the implantation of teeth will limit all these shortcomings but also bring you many great benefits such as:

  • Implant dentures help restore the status of missing a tooth as well as all other tooth loss cases, even the loss of teeth without having to encounter any obstacles.
  • Just like real teeth, Implant teeth can completely grow from the gums, so the aesthetics are higher than the porcelain teeth implant when only the restorations from the crowns only.
  • As a completely independent method, it does not affect the adjacent teeth, unlike porcelain implants: if you want to do porcelain, you must sharpen the real teeth as a support, so it is easy to weaken the other teeth.
  • Due to the structure of the root and crown of the teeth, it is highly durable, and the level of perception with food is like real teeth. Moreover, thanks to the root, jaw bone resorption does not happen, hence the true root is not affected.
  • If the patient takes good oral care and follows hygiene procedures, the Implant can last forever without having to spend money or time to do it again.

With these outstanding advantages, you must have found yourself the answer to whether to implant or not. If you choose to implant, you should look for a reliable dental address to ensure the most perfect restoration results.

3. How long does it take to implant?

Besides the cost issue, the reliable implant address, how long it takes to implant are always a concern of many people when looking for this modern dental prosthesis method. According to the dentist, how long the implantation time depends on factors such as the oral condition, the type of Implant, and the treatment plan.


Usually, the length of implantation is divided into 2 cases:

  • A new case of tooth loss: if the conditions are qualified for the quality of the jaw bone, the time from when the implant is placed to the porcelain dental prosthesis takes about 4 - 6 weeks.
  • In case of tooth loss for a long time: the customer must perform a bone transplant or have to treat some other diseases before placing the implant, the time for implantation takes about 3 - 9 months.

In cases of lack of bone with little or just artificial bone transplant, the process of bone grafting is fast, but for cases of too much bone resorption, which requires an autologous bone transplant, it will be performed in large hospitals with supportive anesthesia.

4. Where is a good place to implant ?

You are looking for an Implant address, so please come visit and consult at Chingo international beauty salon to feel and experience the quality of service at this address. With an affordable cost, Chingo is trusted and highly appreciated by domestic customers. Owning a team of experienced and knowledgeable dental experts and a team of assistants will bring customers the best dental restorations. At Chingo Dental, we are committed to:

Reasonable price

Chingo always advises and discusses with customers about all kinds of Implant pillars, costs to make for customers to understand. We commit not to incur any extra amounts during the treatment process, often with promotions and discounts during the year.

Modern machinery and equipment

Chingo Dental Clinic continuously updates and equips with modern equipment and machines so that the implantation process always takes place accurately, safely, without causing complications, bringing high aesthetics.

Guaranteed safety

Chingo takes sterility very seriously to ensure safety and avoid cross-contamination. Each customer who comes for the restorations will be equipped with their tools.

Dedicated and attentive service

Coming to Chingo, customers will be served by a dedicated staff, customers can freely choose a suitable time to visit. Chingo Dental works every day of the week, including Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

Long-term warranty

Chingo always has a long-term warranty for customers. Dentists will assist customers throughout the implementation process and regular follow-up appointments. Whenever customers need support, there is always a team of free consulting staff.


Implant dentures are considered the optimal choice to bring you strong, even, and beautiful dentures. Coming to Chingo Dental, customers do not have to worry about the cost. If you need specific advice on the Implant method, please contact Chingo dentist immediately to be seen by doctors.

With the useful information sharing above, surely many people also have a better understanding of the benefits that the Implant method brings. If you still have questions about this prosthesis method, please contact Chingo immediately for more detailed advice.


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