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Removable dentures and notes when using

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are one of the choices that many customers think of after losing all their teeth. This is also the method applied by the majority of dentists to customers due to the quickness, not much time spent treating.

Outstanding advantages of the Implant method – Chingo Dental

Dental Implant Advantage

Denture implantation is a method to help the patient regain the ability to eat good chewing thanks to the Implant pillars placed in the jaw bone to replace lost teeth. Thus, if the person has completely lost their teeth, they can still eat normally. Here are some things that you must keep in mind when […]

Are Cercon porcelain teeth good? – Chingo Dental

cercon porcelain

Are Cercon porcelain teeth good? Cercon porcelain teeth are highly appreciated in terms of aesthetics and quality, so should you cover your teeth with them? This question has always been asked by many people intending to perform cosmetic dentistry. To find out the answer, look into the article below.1. The concept of Cercon porcelain teethCercon […]

Emax porcelain teeth and interesting facts

emax porcelain

Emax porcelain teeth are non-metallic porcelain teeth that bring high aesthetic value as well as safety for you. That is why this type of porcelain tooth is considered one of the best today. In today’s article, join us in finding out details related to this line of porcelain teeth.1. A primer on Emax porcelain teethEmax […]

Venus – The perfect choice for porcelain teeth

venus porcelain crown

While Venus porcelain teeth might have been new to the market, thanks to their excellent color and high durability, they have won the consideration of many customers. So, how much does Venus porcelain cost? Is the quality good? In the article below, join us in finding out details about this type of cosmetic porcelain teeth.1. […]

Veneer – Chingo Dental

dental veneer chingo

Veneer is a method of using a piece of porcelain, composite, or plastic glued to the outside of the tooth to create the color and shape of the tooth. This is the preferred cosmetic dental method in recent times. So what is Veneer? Join Chingo for details in the article below.1. What is Veneer?Veneer is […]

Porcelain bridge – What you need to know

porcelain brigde

The method of porcelain dental bridge is highly appreciated by dental experts because of its high aesthetic regeneration ability, helping to restore the function of eating and chewing. However, quite a lot of people still wonder what this method is like? In the article below, let’s find out more information related to making porcelain dental […]

Braces – Everything you need to know

dental brace

Crooked teeth and other similar problems not only affect your oral health but also may make many of you lose confidence. Braces are considered an effective orthodontic solution that many people choose. If you are intending to get braced, then please learn more about this method right in the article below.1. What are braces?Braces can […]

Dental Braces: When should you get braces?

When Should You Get Braces

The ideal time to get dental braces is when the baby tooth is slowly being replaced by a permanent tooth. At this time, the teeth will be adjusted to the correct position on the jaw most effectively.1 – What are Braces?Braces are a method of using a set of orthodontic devices such as bowstring braces, […]

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