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gratitude gift chingo dental

In gratitude to customers who have trusted and selected Chingo, we launched the program “GRATITUDE GIFTS” applied to foreign customers, who used cosmetic porcelain dental services at Chingo Dental International Danang.

Gratitude gifts program details:

Each customer after completing dental crown services at Chingo will receive 1 set of gifts including:

– 1 dental care package for the whole family (maximum of 3 people within 1 year).

– 3 rolls dental floss: Gifts will be sent directly or mailed to customers.

Period of application: From 13/07/2021

Sale up to 50% dental crowns dental veneers
Sale up to 50% dental crowns dental veneers

Why is Chingo chosen by thousands of customers for dental treatment?

Team of doctors

Your doctor is the deciding factor in the bad looks of a tooth when you enter dentistry. Possessing a high level of expertise, extensive experience, successfully implementing many cases, customers will hardly bring a beautiful smile as desired.

Facilities and epticity of the clinic

Chingo Dental Clinic in Da Nang is equipped with modern, eptic and clean equipment that will ensure safety for customers. At the same time, it will avoid bacterial infections, affecting health after making teeth.

Results, quality

Many customers after making teeth at other dentists have different quality of service feedback than advertising. The result is not as expected, affecting aesthetics and health,.. At Chingo Dental, we are trusted and selected by a large number of customers because we always publicize the service experience, so customers can easily access the dental channels.

After-use customer service

This is also one of the important factors to evaluate the quality of service. Chingo Dental has attentive customer service to consult carefully and answer questions before and after using the service 24/7. We always have gratitude gifts for loyal customers.

Dental veneer at Chingo
Dental veneer at Chingo

Porcelain dental wrapping process

The international standard porcelain dental wrapping process at Chingo Dental follows the following steps:

Step 1: Examination, oral health consultation

When coming to Chingo Dental, customers will be thoroughly examined, from oral health checks, general health checks, to blood tests, .. from the results of this examination, the doctor will examine and advise on the most appropriate method that customers can choose.

Step 2: Oral hygiene

The doctor will conduct oral hygiene to avoid infection before grinding the teeth to make a pillar. Oral hygiene before implementation will help the grinding process go more smoothly and ensure no infection, infection, and absolute safety for customers.

Step 3: Grinding teeth – take jaw marks

After grinding teeth to make pillars, the doctor will take the mark of the client’s jaw. Each customer will have different teeth marks.

Porcelain Dental Wrapping Process
Porcelain Dental Wrapping Process

Step 4: Porcelain tooth manufacturing

Porcelain tooth wrap will be carried out by experienced technicians to ensure the porcelain crown has a natural shape and color, using modern CAD / CAM technique to ensure high aesthetics, shortening the time of porcelain teeth to only 2-3 days.

Step 5: Fixed teeth

After making porcelain teeth in Labo, the doctor will attach the crown to the customer, adjust so that the porcelain teeth tightly embrace the real pulp to avoid the risk of infection, porcelain teeth can chew normally, not fall out of the oral cavity.

Step 6: Overall examination of oral condition

This is the last step of a porcelain tooth cover case, the doctor checks the overall condition of the teeth after wrapping porcelain teeth, and adjusts so that customers no longer feel uncomfortable and entangled.

Always pay attention to the care of teeth and gums between regular dental examinations. Plaques are always forming non-stop on your teeth, but you can clean them by brushing your teeth or using dental-only to clean the teeth daily.

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