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Crooked teeth and other similar problems not only affect your oral health but also may make many of you lose confidence. Braces are considered an effective orthodontic solution that many people choose. If you are intending to get braced, then please learn more about this method right in the article below.

1. What are braces?

Braces can be understood simply as a technique to move teeth back to the correct position by using specialized tools to bring the bite back to the correct rate to help balance beautiful teeth. Nowadays, braces methods are implemented in many ways with different tools to be more convenient and comfortable.


2. Benefits of braces

Rated as one of the safe but effective tooth displacement methods, braces bring many outstanding benefits to help customers get beautiful, strong teeth as desired:

Braces bring high aesthetics

Many people have beautiful and regular teeth but still, choose braces because they want their teeth to become more perfect.

Braces help the process of eating smoothly

If the teeth are misaligned or not neat, it will make eating food difficult. And if this condition persists, it will cause damage to the bite. That is why braces are said to be the choice to overcome this problem to help to chew smoothly.

Braces help reduce pressure on the jaw

In the case of the upper or lower molars that are corroded or protruded, the teeth can be affected. Or when the bite is too deep, it can bite the tooth tissue. Hence, braces are believed to be an effective method of reducing pressure on the jaw.

It can be said that the outstanding advantages that braces bring are undeniable. So if your teeth grow out of the way, messy or crooked, ... then go right to the dental facility to get a suitable dentist to improve the aesthetics and function of eating.

3. How long do the braces take?

According to dentists at Chingocare International Beauty Salon, the process of wearing braces usually takes about 1-3 years depending on the conditions. This method of braces also requires patience and timely re-examination of the patient to achieve the best results.

4. What age is appropriate for cosmetic braces?

Also according to dental experts, the age of 9-14 is said to be the right time to conduct braces. Because this is the period when the jawbone is just starting to develop, not yet completed, helping to reduce pain as well as time for treatment, saving for braces. Moreover, in this age group, the implementation of braces is also easier to help the orthodontic effect better. In adulthood, this cosmetic braces technique can also be applied, but the orthodontic will be more difficult and take longer to bring the teeth back to the desired position.


5. Do braces hurt?

Braces are a method of using the tightening force of the bowstring to move the teeth. In fact, in some cases, it is imperative that the patient has to remove the teeth to create a space to help move the teeth more easily. That is why many people think it will be very painful and uncomfortable, especially when teeth begin to move. However, the skill of the doctor is also a factor in deciding whether the braces hurt or not. Experienced and specialized doctors will help patients relieve pain. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry too much, as actually, braces do not hurt as you think.

6. Oral care during braces

Sure, when first you get braces, you may not be familiar, finding yourself entangled and a bit painful as teeth start to move. This can make eating and drinking difficult, so in the first week you should eat soft and liquid foods like soups, porridge,… About 1 week later, when you get used to it, you can eat and drink normally, but note the following:

Choose soft foods

Limit eating hard and chewy foods because it is difficult to clean and easily entangled with braces. You should eat soft foods because and should eat several small meals a day to reduce the activity of the jawbone. This also limits plaque on the teeth, and oral hygiene is also easier.


Avoid hard, chewy foods

It is necessary to limit some foods such as nuts, hard candies,…. In the process of braces because these are foods containing a lot of sugar, causing sticky teeth. Besides, do not eat foods that are too cold or too hot as they might easily affect the teeth. At the same time, follow the proper oral hygiene instructions of your dentist. Brush your teeth with a soft bristle brush 2-3 times a day to keep your teeth clean.

7. Where is the address reputable and reliable for braces?

Chingo Dental has long been known to customers as one of the high-quality, reputable, and reliable dental braces. This is the leading dental facility in Vietnam that ensures to meet the criteria of modern, affordable dentistry that brings peace of mind to all customers. Chingo Dental always aims to satisfy customers with service quality and attentive customer care.


Customers can rest assured to choose Chingo Dental for the following reasons:

  • This is one of the prestigious dental places in Hanoi and Da Nang, chosen by many customers.
  • Owning a team of doctors, specialists in the field of dental aesthetics, who have graduated in the country and trained abroad, help customers with absolute peace of mind.
  • Chingo Dental attaches great importance to the investment in modern equipment, machines, spacious and modern facilities to help customers experience the best.
  • Warranty policy, and many attractive incentives for customers when performing dental treatment at Chingo Dental.

If you are having dental problems or want to learn about braces, please contact the doctor team at Chingo Dental for a free consultation.


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