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While Venus porcelain teeth might have been new to the market, thanks to their excellent color and high durability, they have won the consideration of many customers. So, how much does Venus porcelain cost? Is the quality good? In the article below, join us in finding out details about this type of cosmetic porcelain teeth.

Currently, Venus porcelain teeth are produced on the most modern CAD / CAM technology in the world – their hardness of 900 Mpa is 5 times higher than that of conventional metal porcelain teeth. This is also an all-porcelain tooth with high durability, a natural color similar to that of real teeth. Compared to Cercon porcelain teeth, the color of Venus porcelain teeth is not as eye-catching but has good bearing capacity thanks to the superiority of Zirconia porcelain teeth. The outer part is covered with many layers of porcelain to create the same color as real teeth, providing exceptional aesthetics. Venus porcelain teeth are suitable and benign to humans, meeting international quality standards. As the material is lighter than metal, Venus porcelain teeth are considered the testament of successful advancements in cosmetic tooth technology.


2. Advantages of choosing the Venus porcelain crown method

There are many customers in need of cosmetic porcelain restorations, and they often wonder if they should consider Venus porcelain teeth? Here are the outstanding advantages of this type of porcelain teeth, to make it easier for you to make the right decision.

Venus porcelain teeth are highly aesthetic

This type of porcelain teeth has a very natural whiteness and clarity, which is very similar by itself to real teeth. Thus, it is difficult to notice when being looked at, giving customers a sense of confidence. Compared with some other lines of metal porcelain teeth, venus porcelain teeth will not be stained, will not darken gum lines, will not develop shadow when there is light shines on.

Venus porcelain teeth are safe for humans

Venus porcelain teeth are made entirely of porcelain, so they don't cause allergies to the body, are safe in the oral cavity, and do not cause oral diseases. Up to now, no studies are showing that venus porcelain teeth cause side effects for users.

Venus porcelain teeth have good bearing properties

Made from high-quality Zirconia embryos and granted international medical certifications, Venus porcelain teeth are heated at a temperature of more than 1600 degrees C to help the frame achieve maximum hardness. Their durability is 5 times higher than that of conventional Zirconia ones. Compared to real teeth, Venus porcelain teeth can withstand pressure many times better, allowing customers to eat and drink to their hearts’ desire.


Venus porcelain teeth are highly durable

The durability of this type of porcelain tooth has generally received rave feedback from customers. If you use the correct prosthetic technique, combined with clean oral hygiene, you can use venus porcelain teeth for many years and beyond.

Venus porcelain teeth are reasonably priced

The price is relatively appropriate, allows Venus porcelain teeth to reach many different users. Compared with other all-porcelain teeth, the cost of venus porcelain teeth is reasonably lower, along with a lightweight, altogether makes the customers comfortable.

3. When should you use Venus porcelain teeth?

The Venus porcelain dental prosthesis is suitable for all circumstances, but the following are some specific cases that should be covered with venus porcelain:

  • Discolored or stained teeth due to smoking;
  • Darken teeth color due to teeth not being taken good care of;
  • Discoloration due to antibiotics-taking;
  • Crowned, wide, coral, or deviated teeth;
  • Hard-on-the-eye front teeth or wide teeth.

4. How much do Venus porcelain teeth cost?

The Venus porcelain dental restorations are considered to bring high aesthetics to improve the damaged teeth, which gives users an impressive smile. Usually, Venus porcelain teeth are chosen by many people because of the natural color, anti-yellowing, longevity, and durability. Compared with other types of porcelain teeth, the price of Venus porcelain crowns is higher. However, depending on the condition of your teeth, the number of damaged teeth, prices may vary. For specific quotes on how much the Venus porcelain teeth cost, you can contact Chingo Dental for a consultation.

5. Chingo Dental Clinic - A reputable place for Venus porcelain teeth

Chingo Dental has long been known as a reliable, quality dental address in Vietnam, committed to providing customers with the best service and high-durability and aesthetically pleasing porcelain teeth.

A team of specialists highly qualified in the field of cosmetic porcelain restorations

Owning a team of highly experienced dentists who have been trained abroad in the field of porcelain dental restorations, orthodontic braces,... Thousands of customers have been given beautiful smiles and bright white, naturally beautiful teeth.

Spacious facilities, modern equipment

Applying advanced technology, modern machinery, and equipment system to help ensure precise process, Chingo Dental guarantees that the results will satisfy every customer. Chingo Dental uses genuine, high-quality porcelain material with a long warranty period. The process of performing cosmetic porcelain restorations is done in an industry-standard sterile environment.

Chingo Dental provides a long-term warranty for porcelain teeth

Customers who do cosmetic porcelain teeth at Chingocare will be provided with a genuine warranty card, all-porcelain crowns processes in accordance with international standards and a long-term warranty policy is provided to help customers feel more secure.


It can be said that the Venus porcelain dental prosthesis method is considered a safe method for the health of the user. This type of porcelain tooth offers durability for long-lasting aesthetic results and is considered the perfect solution. At Chingo Dental, with the support of modern equipment, customers will have shiny porcelain teeth with natural color. Please contact Chingo immediately for direct consultation and advice by a team of reputable dentists.


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